A unique opportunity: Experiencing quality masterclasses

The European School of Urology (ESU), in collaboration with the Sections of the EAU, has organised its forthcoming educational activities that cover the most important topics in urology into educational and practical (virtual) masterclasses.

Why? We believe that this presents the opportunity to share knowledge, concerns, future prospects, drawbacks and critical questions in urology in a comprehensive manner way that will fulfill our goals.

How do we implement this? We will work with good experts from various specialties which will lead to a more dynamic atmosphere and interactions with the ESU faculty. Moreover, the inclusion of live and semi-live surgeries will provide insights, through direct mentorship with the expert surgeon, on what has to be done, how it can be done and what to avoid.

Where are the potential venues? We have chosen different cities across Europe to facilitate access and good attendance, not only by European urologists but also EAU members coming from other parts of the world.

So stay updated for announcements since there are several masterclasses already scheduled and more will come in the future!

The European School of Urology focuses on a closer mentorship between its faculty and participating urologists. Join us and benefit from the rewards!

Prof. Evangelos Liatsikos
Chairman European School of Urology